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One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received was passed on to me by a radio client.  It was something their customer said.

The client was a jeweler, the product:  a designer, baby shoe charm – a really exquisite piece.  Something for new mothers and new grandmothers.  The customer, a woman, told the jeweler, “I cry every time I see your ad.”

Did you catch that?  Here it is again:  “I cry every time I see your ad.”

This woman had such an emotional connection to the ad, to the images of the ad, to this day, she will swear on a stack of Bibles it was a TV ad.

I know it sounds contradictory, but radio is visual.

The visuals in TV or print are limiting…literally what you see is what you get.  That’s it.  In radio, the listener can have whatever they want.

I describe it like this: 

If you want to create a TV commercial with 1,000 dancing camels how much would it cost? Thousands? Millions? There would be camels, camel wranglers, caterers, hay (or whatever the camels eat). Let’s say you just film one camel and make all the rest computer generated – you’re still looking at a phenomenal cost. 

But a radio commercial with a thousand dancing camels…I just did it. 

You are already picturing a thousand camels dancing…are we talking a hip-hop dance mix or ballroom dancing? Are they wearing costumes? If so, are we talking jeans or tuxedo and evening gowns? It is all acceptable. 

You created it in your mind, and as long as the “1000 dancing camels” supports the product or service, whatever you picture in your mind is correct! 

What are the images in your product or service? How can you leverage that in your radio commercial?