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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of doing some really good stuff for some really good people.  Here’s what they had to say.


Jason Rackow

Imaging Director, WBGL Champaign, IL

“…you appear to flow in a level of creative writing that some merely dream of.”


Bill Sites

Owner of Sites Jewelers, Clarksville, TN.

Regarding the commercials he records himself:  “You make me sound so good.”


Bill Berry

General Sales Manager in Knoxville, TN.

The subject line of an emailed request:  “I need your genius…”


Chris Cassell

Founder and Owner of Cilantro Tamales Mexican Restaurant, Naples, FL

Regarding his campaign:  “People come in all the time asking questions. The stuff they’re asking about, I know they got the idea from the radio commercial. You’re a genius.”


Albert Berkshire

Owner and Artistic Director of an ad agency in Canada.

In an email to an organization made up of radio producers and writers…”Probably the best writer in the group.”

…and more recently,

“I forgot how great a voice actor/character actor Nic really is…so a reminder for you of how Nic can take a script, and make magic.”


Ross and Nicole Gassaway

Owners of Naples Dive Center, Naples, FL

Regarding their summer scuba diving camps:  “We’re full!  We’re completely booked!”


Jennifer Morgan

Account Executive at a Radio Station in Knoxville, TN.

“Again. Great work! I love it. I have to tell you that I am so thankful for your talent. These spots that you’ve done for me have helped so much . . . Thank you.”


Brittany Stephens

Account Executive at a Radio Station in Knoxville, TN.

“Nic you are soooo great!!  Thanks so much, the client is going to love these! Thanks again!!!”