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My mission is to create great radio advertising.

Great radio advertising doesn’t necessarily win awards.  Great radio advertising will help you sell your product or service.

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”  -David Ogilvy

A great ad brings in customers.  Your store, sales people, displays engage the customer.  The customers buy.

Give a listen, and enjoy.

Steinway Piano Gallery

It is understood that a Steinway piano is one of the most coveted instruments in the world.  This ad uses quotes from just a handful of the internationally renowned artists who play Steinway pianos – from classical to pop, from symphonies to operas – a Steinway is the instrument of choice.  At the very end, the listener becomes one of the world class musicians.  You wouldn’t be caught dead playing anything but a Steinway.


Moneywell Mortgage

Everybody seems to think a mortgage commercial is about interest rates, points, closing costs and great service. That’s talking about the mortgage company. Rule #1 in advertising: It’s not about you, it’s about your customer. What does a mortgage mean to a borrower?


Naples Truck Accessories

This ad has it all: desire, imagery, lust, jealousy, even a slap in the face. It is completely focused on the desires of the listener. The client is the answer to the listener’s desires. The client almost takes a backseat (no pun intended) to the message but that is the way it should be. The listener is the subject, the client is the answer.


McFarland’s of Marco

Think back to the ’40s and ’50s. Remember when a “men’s shop” meant suits and ties? The gentleman had a tape measure around his neck, was dressed impeccably and catered to your every taste. Images. Pictures. Gestures. If the listener can’t “see it”, they won’t buy it. Step back to another time, a time almost forgotten by fast food and “off the shelf” instant gratification. The gentlemen at McFarland’s will make you look your best.


Earth Outfitters

It’s not about the brand name shoes you carry.

It’s not about the brand name tents you offer.

It’s not about the equipment or clothing on your shelves.

The listener is the subject.

It is a crisp morning on the hiking trail. The cold air piercing your lungs, your breath rolling out of your mouth like clouds, your leg muscles are so tight they feel like steel I-beams, but you can’t stop. Everything you see is like you are discovering it for the first time, even though the evidence of a well worn path speaks to the contrary. Discovery – just like Lewis & Clark, like DeSoto, like Columbus.