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 Welcome to NicNatarella.com!

If you’re a small-business or medium-business owner, hopefully this will quickly become your source for radio commercials, voice overs and all kinds of audio production. I, personally, have been writing, voicing and producing radio commercials for almost twenty years.  The folks I work with – let’s just say, Marconi taught them everything they knew!

Radio commercials are the foundation of what we provide, but you’ve got other audio needs too…TV commercials, presentations, on-hold messages, training videos, narration, instructional videos, sales materials, etc.

We have a wide variety of voices; men and women, young and old. Whatever you need, I’m sure we can find the perfect voice for your project, get it produced and have you running before your deadline.

  • Poke around the blog: you’ll get a feel for what we do and how we think.
  • Listen to the demos: you’ll hear some very unconventional radio commercials!
  • Send us an email: ask a question, submit a project, request a quote.
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When it is all said and done, your advertising should help increase sales.  That’s our #1 objective.

Thanks for coming by! We hope you come back often, hang out, and join the conversation!