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My name is Nic Natarella.

I’ve been in radio since 1996.  I started as the morning show/news guy/sidekick, and I’ve done every airshift except midnight to 6am!  Mornings, middays, afternoons and evenings – in fact, guess what the listeners nick-named me when I was on the night shift…”Nic at Night” of course!

I’ve been a program director, assistant program director, news director, webmaster, even sales – I’ve done it all except promotions.  Hmmmm…wonder how I managed to avoid that?

It was when I was appointed the Creative Services Director that I really hit my stride.

Our five-station cluster didn’t have the luxury of a Creative Services Director.  So when our company was bought by a bigger radio company, they did some reorganizing and restructuring.  When the current management was asked, “Who is the most creative and organized person on the staff?”  Everybody answered, “Nic!”  So I was “elected” to the Creative Services Director position.

That’s when a whole new world opened up for me.

No one at the radio station really knew how to write commercials.  So there was no one to teach me.  In this internet age, I surfed the internet until I stumbled across the information I was looking for!

That’s when I discovered Dan O’Day, Roy H. Williams, the Radio Advertising Bureau and many more.  It was then I realized, “we’ve been doing this all wrong!” There actually is a right way and a wrong way to writing and producing radio commercials…good radio commercials…effective radio commercials.

Then my research led me down the advertising path.  I stumbled across Al Reis and Jack Trout, David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins and Robert Collier.  All the great advertising minds that laid the foundation for modern advertising and have formed, shaped and contributed to the current advertising environment.

I’m sorry to say, there is a lot of BAD advertising on the radio today.  Unfortunately, it is so prolific, everyone thinks that’s the way to do it.  So that leads to more bad advertising, and it is now the norm.

Give your company, your business the radio advertising it needs to stand out from the crowd of competition.  I can create commercials and campaigns that will give you the extra leverage you need to dominate your industry and come out ahead.  Click on the contacts page and call or email me today.