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Think of it from your customer’s perspective:

If they need to buy whatever you’re selling, are they going to listen to your bragging?  Or are they going to listen to a friend who is recommending someone else?

Chances are, they’ll listen to their friend.

So, what – or who – do your radio commercials sound like?  Bragging?  Or a recommendation?

Here’s how you can tell:

Look at the language in your copy.  Is it filled with “we/us/me/I” or is it “they/them/he/she”?  Instead of bragging – or what can be interpreted as bragging – about yourself, write your radio commercials as if it’s coming from your customer’s friend.

“We’ve been in business for 75 years…” becomes “They’ve been around forever…”

“Call us…” becomes “Give ’em a call…”

“We’ve got the lowest rates, guaranteed!” becomes “They have lower rates than anyone around.”

Do you see how the “we” claim is empty and unsubstantiated?  But the “they” sounds significant and it isn’t easily dismissed.  Granted, each one of those IS an empty cliche’ but that’s another point for another article.

I want you to notice the credibility.

It’s a well known sales adage:  “If the salesman says it, the customer doubts it.  If the customer says it, it’s true.”  The same goes for your radio commercials.  If you say it, your customer will just nod their head to be nice at best, tune you out at worst.  But if their friends say it, if their friend recommends it, they want more information and will listen intently.

Make your radio commercials sound like their friend is recommending you.  You don’t have to toot your own horn, write your ads so someone else is!

Have you seen this in one of your own commercials?  Add your example below, then how would you rewrite it?