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This is probably the most common error in most radio commercials.  Most businesses will talk about themselves in their commercials. “We’ve got the lowest prices.” “We’ve been business for 35 years…” “We won’t be undersold!”

Your business is not the subject of the commercial. Your customer is.

Turn the Spotlight Around

Talk about your customer’s needs, wants and desires. Why are they buying your product? Their sole motivation in buying is not to give you money. If they wanted to give you money, it would be called “donating” not “buying.” They are going to trade their money for something they want.

Everything you say in your commercial is a justification for them to hand you money.

If I walked up to you on the street and said, “I’ve been writing commercials for almost twenty years.”  Would you hand me a $50 bill?  No.

If I said, “I’ve won awards for commercials I’ve written.”  Would you hand me a $5o bill?  No.

So, why should your customer give you $X because you’ve “been in business for 4 generations”


“…have over 100 years of experience…”


“…our first priority is you!”  (It better be!  But that’s another blog entry.)

I warned you we were going to kill a few sacred cows.

Your radio commercial should make an emotional connection to your customer, based on what they want.  i.e. – a mattress store doesn’t sell mattresses – they sell a pain-free back.  An outdoor store doesn’t sell hiking boots and jackets – they sell adventure and discovery.  A jewelry store doesn’t sell engagement rings – they sell the gasp of your girlfriends when they see your ring.  See the difference?

Find out what your customers really want, and talk about them. Not your store.