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Today I’m going to get back to basics of radio copywriting.

Your Address.  Your physical, postal address.


  • You are a retail establishment
  • Your goal is to get people in the door
  • The overwhelming majority of your sales are recorded at the cash register (not online or over the phone)

You must not put your address in the commercial.

The only person who will show up to your store based on the address, is someone with a stamp on their forehead.

In the age of cellphones and GPS, listeners (read: customers) need to know your store’s name.  They will type it into their navigation app, check the map to make sure they’re in the neighborhood they thought it would be, and tap “get directions” to drive over.

To get customers in your door, your commercial needs to give your location based on landmarks, not the address.

“…on Main Street, across from the post office.”

“…next to (the non-competing establishment that everyone knows.)”

“…just one mile north of the bridge.”  (Assuming EVERYone in town knows which “bridge” you’re talking about.)

And if you need to, be sure to work from largest to smallest.  City > Street > Block/Landmark.  i.e.: “…in Naples, on Tamiami Trail, across from McDonald’s.”  – it will be easier for your customers to picture it in their minds.