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Most of the radio commercials you hear will be filled with –

A laundry list of features:

  • “…most efficient in it’s class…”
  • “…fastest weight-loss supplement…”
  • “…the brightest and lightest ever made!”

Empty claims:

  • “…competitive prices…”
  • “…lowest prices of the season!”
  • “…if you find a lower price, we’ll give it to you!”

And cliche’s:

  • “…for all your _____ needs!”
  • “…over 75 years of combined experience…”
  • “…where we treat you like family!”

My eyes glaze over when I hear those.  And so do your customers.

Talk to your customers about the stuff that’s important to them.

If you are a mortgage broker:  What is going to motivate your customer to get a mortgage?

If I talk about interest rates, points, closing costs and how efficient our staff is?

Or, are they going to be more interested in…

Family nights around the dining room table, their first Christmas in their new place, and baby’s first steps across the living room floor?

Talk to me about the fun at your restaurant.

Tell me about the memories I’ll create on vacation I booked through your agency.

Describe for me my best friend’s gasp when I show her my engagement ring I bought at your jewelry store.

Tell a story.

Make it real.

Tell me about your product or service in my life.