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Watch this ad:

Lego Christmas Ad

Now, tell me:
How many times did they say “lowest prices”, “knowledgeable staff”, and “convenient location”?
Did they say, “family owned and operated since 19__”?
Did they say, “…X years of combined experience…”?
“…for all your ____ needs…”?

Here are the lessons from this ad you can incorporate into your radio commercials, now:

1. It’s from the user’s perspective. In this case, from the child who will play with Legos.
2. It’s about your user’s experience. Playing with his dad, creating monuments, robots, spaceships, fighting medieval battles…
3. If your ad makes the listener: smile, dream, catch their breath, feel a pang in their chest…you’re on the right track.

Your ad needs to talk about your customer, their dreams, their desired outcome and how your product will fit into their life.

Watch that Lego ad again, and again, and again. And apply it to your commercials right now.

To your advertising success,