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It’s experiment time today!

Take four bean bags (or anything soft and harmless if thrown) and stand about 20′ away from your vict…um, er, associate presenter.  Yeah, “Associate Presenter”. . . that’s good.

Now, toss a bean bag to the other person.  Unless it’s a bad throw, or their hand-eye coordination is extremely impaired, chances are they are going to catch it.

Now, retrieve the one already-tossed bean bag so you have all four again…

…and in one move, toss all four bean bags at once.

Experiment after experiment shows, in the overwhelming majority of the time, the “catcher” will not catch a single bean bag.

Why is that?

Lack of focus.

With one bean bag coming at you, you can catch it.  With four bean bags coming at you, you try to catch ALL of them, and end up with nothing.

Think of your customer – listener – as the catcher.  Your business is the “thrower”, and your commercial is the bean bag.  How many messages are in your commercial?  1 or 4?

I receive production requests all the time that say, “the business owner wants to focus on this, this, this, and that.”  By definition, “focusing” on four different things, is a contradiction.  The business is throwing 4 bean bags.  In a barrage of four messages, your listener (customer) won’t catch anything.  If you haven’t figured out already, a “catch” is a sale.

Narrow your focus, and toss one bean bag at your customer.  And then smile all the way to the bank when they catch it.