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We hear it all the time…features vs benefits, features vs benefits, features vs benefits.

The truth is, in most radio commercials (and in most advertising in general) most of what I see and hear focuses on features and not the benefits.  Once you convey the benefits of your product or service to your client, you should see heads start to turn your way.

What is a feature?

A feature can be found on your spec sheet.  “Lightest materials…comes in red, blue, or green…overnight delivery…”  Car ads are the best at features:  rack and pinion steering, 5-speed transmission, independent suspension…those are all features.

What is a benefit?

A benefit is what the user/buyer/customer experiences or gains from the features.  The best way to find your benefits is to list your feature and follow it with the phrase “which means…”  That will force you to find the benefit.  “Lightest materials, which means you’ll save money on gas.”  “Comes in red, blue or green, which means you can match it to your current set up.”  “Overnight delivery, which means – order it now, you’ll enjoy it tomorrow!”

Benefitting Benefits

The best benefits aren’t just the superficial, obvious ones.  The best benefits are the ones your customer is asking for.  Those are the benefits to stress in your commercials.

Take a few minutes and grab your brochure, your latest radio commercial, your last newspaper ad (and I do mean “last”) and go through the copy – what features do you have listed?  Now, write out the benefits for them.  It can be more than one, that’s fine.  The purpose here is to dig deeper than your competition.  Guaranteed, they are only scratching the surface…once you dig deeper, you’ll blow them out of the water.

Did this make sense?  Did it put things in perspective?  Please comment below or pass this on to someone else you think would benefit from this feature.

To your success.