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Your success, the success of your business is more important than you will ever know.

I mean that quite seriously.

Not to flatter you, not to put pressure on you. It is a fact. God has given you an entrepreneurial anointing – your mission field is in the business arena, in the marketplace. The success of your business, the customers and clients you come in contact with everyday, is my concern.

You will never know the magnitude of the impact your business has had or will have on the world. Yes – the world.

You will never know until you are standing before our God and He says, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Then, He shows you.

I will give you just a glimpse of that “video” God is going to show you.

When your business thrives, your tithe will increase.

You do tithe, don’t you? If you’re not tithing, we need to talk about the greatest blessing and gift God is giving you but you’re not accepting.  When your tithe increases, your church is able to do amazing things: projects are completed, ministries are funded, outreach kicks in to gear, people who have never heard the gospel begin to hear it for the first time. Your community, your city, your county, your state all becomes impacted for Christ.

When your business succeeds, your offering increases.

You sponsor a child in a third world country.

She grows up and becomes the first in her family to go to college. She becomes a teacher at a school in her home village and teaches thousands of children over the next thirty years – they become skilled laborers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, more teachers, business owners, which raises thousands of families out of poverty. (You’re going to have to ask God to rewind that part because it will blow you away!)

You fund missions to the poorest neighborhoods in Central America.

Dozens of kids have shoes for the first time in their lives, their village gets a clean, disease-free well, a school is built for the children where they can learn.

Orphanages in Romania and Moldova get new windows.

The girls who live there were rescued off the streets just before they were sold into the international sex trade. Your donation keeps them safe and warm in the orphanage. The windows were so bad, last winter they had the furnaces running at full capacity and the inside temperature barely got above 38 degrees in the dead of winter.

Do you get the picture?

That is why it is so important for your business to succeed. God will show you the details when you finally meet Him.

In the meantime, you need great radio commercials to advertise your business, your company, your services and products. You need customers and clients to come flying in your doors, ringing your phone off the desks, melting down your website server.

You are in the marketplace, every day. You run your business with higher standards. You don’t compromise your principles and you stand for what you believe. It is time to take back the marketplace. It is time to forcefully advance.

I want you to have better advertising than your competition. I want you to win in the marketplace. That is my goal. That is my mission. Your radio ads are my ministry.