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Quiz Time: How many drill bits were bought in America last year?  Take a guess.

Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? I don’t know. I couldn’t begin to guess.

Of the millions (?) of drill bits bought in America, I can guarantee you 100%, without out a doubt, unequivocally: everyone who bought one, did not want one.  I know that with absolute certainty, and I don’t have to talk to a single purchaser: Everybody who bought a drill bit, did not want a drill bit.

How do I know this?  Because everybody who bought a drill bit, every single person, every last contractor, every single woodworker, every guy knocking out his “honey do” list, wanted…a hole.

What your customer really wants, is what you really sell.

If you’re a mattress store – you don’t sell mattresses, you sell a great night’s sleep. You sell a pain-free back. You sell rest and relaxation that helps your customer conquer their day and get the promotion at work!

Your customer has a problem. They have a desire. There is an unfulfilled want in their life.

And they have come to your store for the solution. Talk about the solution to their problem. That’s what you really sell.

Talk to your customers in the language they are already speaking, say those exact words back to them, and it’s like you’re a mind reader.