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“The ultimate goal is to take over the WORLD!!”

Doesn’t everybody think that in the beginning?

I’ll just be happy to get the guberment out of social services and let the public (i.e. church, local organizations, global causes) handle it so much better and efficiently like they’re supposed to.

…and here’s how you are going to be a part of it.

When it comes to voices overs and radio advertising, it’s not hard to get something different.  Radio commercials are pretty much the same lines over and over again:

  • “…the friendliest staff…”
  • “…family owned and operated since 19XX…”
  • “…conveniently located…”
  • “…for all your _____ needs…”

That pretty much sums up most of the commercials on the radio today.

Here’s how your advertising will affect the world, take the guberment out of social services, and your company will profit at the same time.

How does that work?

Follow me here:

  1. You get better ads than your competition.
  2. Your profits/income increases.
  3. You donate 10% of your profits to _________ .  (Fill in the blank:  your church, your favorite charity, local organization, etc.)
  4. Voila!  All the charities have all the working capital they need and the guberment is out of the social services business.

Kids are adopted out of foster care.  Single moms get job training and placement assistance.  Communities devastated by natural disasters are rebuilt; think Haiti earthquake and/or Hurricane Katrina.  Children in Guatemala get a school and shoes for the first time.  Girls in Moldova and India are rescued from human trafficking and have a roof over their heads and receive an education.

Even if I had ALL the clients in the world, there’s no way my 10% donation could cover it all.

But your 10%, plus your neighbor’s 10%, plus your Chamber of Commerce friends 10%, plus the other business owners you know 10%…will.

The possibilities – locally and globally – are endless.

If you own a retail business, this blog is for you.  There are some businesses that aren’t good for radio and I’ll be more than happy to tell you.  The way I see it, instead of wasting money you could have donated, I would rather you spend it on marketing that will work for you and increase your donations.

How do we get there?

The purpose of this website is to show you advertising tips and techniques that either most people don’t know about, or they’re implementing them incorrectly.

With a few tweaks and changes, you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition and your market share will expand.  You’ll make sales and profits will begin to rise.

We will cover advertising, copywriting, production, voice over, acting, script analysis…all the often overlooked details that make a boring commercial a great commercial.

Are you committed to donating 10% of your profits?

Do you have a cause/charity/church in mind?

If this sounds good to you, what is keeping you from donating 10% now?

Now, how do we get you a bigger 10% donation?

Are you ready?  I could be a wild ride.

And you are going to make a bigger impact on the world than you could ever imagine.