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I was looking for a new car. I had no idea what I wanted, I couldn’t afford much, but I needed to replace what I had.

After looking at several models and test driving one or two, the salesman told me to take the green one home and bring it back the next day. So, I did.

That evening, as I was walking through the living room, the car caught my eye through the living room picture window. It looked fantastic. The angle, the light of the sunset, the curves on the car – it was beautiful. And that was the only reason I bought it. Because it looked great in my driveway.

I told all my friends about the great deal I got, how the dealer doubled my trade-in value, and the low interest rate.

What is the emotion involved with your product or service?

The desire? The want? The need?

That should be the focus of your radio commercials.