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These are just a few of the most common questions we get almost every day.  If there’s something we’ve left off, please skip over to the “Contact” page and ask away!

Q.  How long does it take to create a commercial?

A.  Typically, beginning to end can take a week.  We can do it in less time, if need be, but it boils down to three elements:  quick, cheap and good.  You can pick two.  Quick and cheap isn’t good.  Cheap and good isn’t quick.  Quick and good isn’t cheap.


Q.  What goes into the commercial process?

A.  First, an interview – we discuss your product/service, your customers, goals and expectations for the commercial.  I take that information and turn it into the first draft of a script.  You and I will go over it – tweak, modify, change, etc.  Then, once we have the script we want to start with, I’ll get it recorded and produced.  We normally take 24-48 hours to write and 24-48 hours to produce…it’s that middle “revising” step that can take five minutes or five months.



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